These camshafts were removed from running engines and are guaranteed to be useable as cores, which means that they will have to be cleaned up and reground. Some may be useable as is, but we can't guarantee that. We do guarantee that these are real bargain prices, and if you will check the prices in salvage yards, you will find that most of these cams are priced at half market price or less. Add $28 for shipping & handling by surface on any size order of cam cores or $56 by air.

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*****************BRITISH CAMSHAFTS ******************

        APPLICATION                    AVAILABILITY                         REMARKS PRICE
Austin-Healey Sprite/
   MG Midget
We have cams for the 948, 1100, 1275, and 1500 engines Be sure to specify engine displacement because these cams are not interchangeable. $75
Austin-Healey 100-4 One only in stock (very scarce) An oldie but goodie. $150
Austin-Healey 3000 Two in stock (fairly scarce) $100
Jaguar V-12 Three pair in stock Sold in pairs only. $250/pair
Jaguar 6-cyl Five pair in stock Sold in pairs only. $250/pair
Jensen-Healey/Lotus 2.0 One pair in stock Sold as a pair only. $250/pair
MGC 6-cyl Only one in stock (fairly rare)   $150
MGA twin-cam Only one pair in stock (very rare)  Sold as a pair only. $300
MG-TD or TF One only (a relic from the '50s) Another oldie but goodie. $120
MGA, MGB-3-main Twelve in stock The MGA and MGB 3-main cam cores will interchange. $100
MGB 5-main Seven in stock MGB 3-main and MGB 5-main will NOT interchange. $75
Triumph TR-8 One pair in stock (very rare) Sold as a pair only. $250/pair
Triumph TR-7 Six in stock   $75
Triumph TR-6, GT-6 Only 2 in stock   $125
Triumph TR-2,3,4,4A Seventeen in stock All of these TR cores will interchange. $75
Triumph Spitfire 1500 Five in stock Will also fit large main Spitfire 1300 engines. $75
JAPANESE CAMS **              
Alfa Romeo 1.3, 1.6, 2.0 Six pair in stock Sold in pairs only. $150/pair
Ford Probe 2.0 4-cyl One pair only Sold as a pair only $150/pair
Porsche 924 Two in stock $75
Porsche 911 Two in stock   $75
Volvo B-20 Only one in stock   $75
Volvo B-30 Only one in stock   $75
Opel GT Nine in stock Specify 3 or 4 journal cam. $75
Fiat 124 DOHC Four pair in stock Sold in pairs only $150/pair
Fiat 850 Five in stock   $75
Mazda Miata Three pair in stock Sold in pairs only $150/pair
Nissan KA-24 DE One pair only Sold as a pair only. $150/pair
Nissan 300-ZX Two pair in stock Sold as a pair only - specify 12-valve or 24-valve engine. $150/pair
Nissan 280-Z Two in stock   $75
Toyota Supra 7-MGE Two pair in stock Sold only in pairs  $150/pair 
Toyota Celica 20-R One in stock   $75
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