These crankshafts were removed from running engines and are guaranteed to be useable as cores, which means that they will have to be cleaned up and turned. Some may be useable as is, but we can't guarantee that. We do guarantee that these are real bargain prices, and if you will check the prices in salvage yards, you will find that most of these cranks are priced at half market price or less. For surface shipping, add $38, or for air shipping, add $76.

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Alfa Romeo 1300, 1600, 2000 Only one or two of each Good condition, but  need turning $100
Austin-Healey Sprite/
   MG Midget
We have cranks for the 948 & 1100 engines (All 1275 & 1500 are already sold) Good, but  need turning $100
Austin-Healey 100-4 One only in stock (very scarce)                              SOLD  $400
Austin-Healey 3000 Two in stock (fairly scarce) Good, but need turning $200
BMW 2002  Only one in stock                              SOLD  $200
Jaguar 6-cyl (3.4, 3.8, 4.2) Several in stock All in good condition,  may need to be turned $200
Jaguar V-12 Three in stock All in good condition $250
MGA 1500, 1600 Two in stock Good, put probably should be turned $150
MGB 3-main Three in stock Good condition $150
MGB 5-main Five in stock Good condition,  need turning $150
MGC One in stock (very scarce) Good condition $300
Triumph TR-8 One in stock (very rare) Good condition, no journal scoring $250
Triumph TR-7 One in stock Scored journals, needs building up $50
Triumph TR-2,3,4,4A Several in stock Good,  need turning $150
Triumph Spitfire 1147, 1300 Several  in stock Good,  turning $150
Triumph Spitfire 1300 Mk 4 One in stock        SOLD Good condition $150
Triumph Spitfire 1500 Three in stock Good condition, need turning $150

Alfa Romeo 1300 One in stock (somewhat rare) Good,  need turning $150
Alfa Romeo 1600 Two in stock Good condition $150
Alfa Romeo 2000 Two in stock                        SOLD  $150
Fiat 850 Only one in stock Very good condition $150
Fiat X-1/9 1300 One only in stock Good, needs turning $150
Fiat 124 1600 One only in stock Good $200
Fiat 124 2000 One only in stock    SOLD Good $200
Honda B-16 One in stock Good, needs turning $100
Honda B-18 One in stock Good condition $100
Mazda Miata 1600 Two in stock Good, need turning $150
Mitsubishi 2.6 One only in stock Good, needs turning $150
Nissan 240-Z One in stock Good $150
Nissan 280-Z Two in stock Good $150
Porsche 924 2.0 One in stock Good $150
Porsche 1600 One only, very rare Good, needs turning $200
Saab 900 One only Good, needs turning $150
Toyota 2-TC One in stock (somewhat rare) Good, needs turning $150
Toyota Supra 7-MGE One in stock Good $150
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