These core parts were removed from running engines and are guaranteed to be useable as cores, which means that they will have to be prepped, usually with machine work. Among other things, heads will have to be milled, cranks will have to be turned, blocks will have to be bored, etc. They have not been cleaned and will usually have oil, grease, and dirt on them. But, boy, are the prices right!! Click on the blue titles in the left hand column for a listing of what we have and then call us at (205) 823-7278, Mon-Thurs., from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM or email us at paeco@hiwaay.net.

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ENGINE BLOCKS                  Engine blocks The twin problems with engine blocks is correct identification and shipping. Usually, we can  identify by make and model, and all blocks are guaranteed not to be cracked. For shipping, we can wire or strap them to a wooden pallet, or for small blocks, we can box them. If you want them crated for shipment we can do that for an extra $75. Blocks come freight collect.
CYLINDER HEADS       Cylinder Heads Count on the heads being bare (no valves, springs, etc.) but if a head does have parts on it, we just leave them on. Heads are milled before shipping and are guaranteed not to be cracked or warped. Add $35 for surface shipping inside the 48 states or $70 for air shipping.
CRANKSHAFTS      Crankshafts We have a ton of cranks for imported cars, with the majority being British. Cranks are guaranteed to be free from cracks and useable if turned (although some are useable "as-is"). Add $35 for surface shipping inside the 48 states or $70 for air.
CAMSHAFTS   Camshafts We have over 200 cam cores left over. They are all guaranteed to be useable if turned. Add $28 for surface shipping inside the 48 states or $56 for air shipping.
CONNECTING RODS                 Connecting rods Identification is a problem with rods, and you may have to send one of your old rods in as a sample. Otherwise, we need to know make, model, and sometimes the inside diameters of the two ends. Add $18 for any number of rods inside the 48 states or $36 for air shipping.
MISCELLANEOUS STUFF      Misc parts We have piles of miscellaneous hardware that we normally don't think about, but without them, the engine won't run. We have rocker arm assemblys, valve covers, front and rear plates, cam sprockets, cylinder sleeves, and a host of other stuff. Give us a call if you  need something and we'll see if we can find it in our 57 years of accumulation.
    CONTACT INFO:           PHONE:
     (205) 823-7278
        8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
           Mon-Thur.   CST
        EMAIL: paeco@hiwaay.net