Lotus 23 Race Car    *SOLD*


      Want to get into really fast racing on the cheap? Here is your chance! This Lotus was originally bought as a project car with the intent of getting back into SCCA racing. Health issues and age said NO and so the car is up for sale. It comes with a prepared PAECO stage four Toyota 2.0 liter engine and transaxle, ready to install, and should be wickedly fast. With a HP output of 250 and a finished car weight of approx. 1,200 pounds, the power/weight ratio should be around 4.8:1. This should be enough to scare the pants off of anyone..... and it's yours for $8,000.
     Why so cheap? Because it needs a lot of work. This is a project car, and although it will roll, steer, and brake, it will not propel itself as it sits. Besides needing the engine and transaxle installed, it needs the radiators installed, some electrical wiring finished, and full instrumentation. And by the way, the engine needs induction, exhaust, and ignition. Lotus 23               Extra Goodies:
A lot of extra items come with the car,
 ready to install. This includes the radiators, a
 pair of Kirkey racing seats, the shifter
 linkage, a fuel injection brain box, and a set
 of ignition wires.
Lotus Engine
            Lotus engine
 Some Basic Info On The Car:
     It's a replica, built on a Formula Ford chassis, with an aluminum body and tubular steel frame. Otherwise, it looks just like an original Lotus 23. The biggest difference is that an original model cost around $60,000 and that is why replicas are built.
Lotus open          Lotus with open bodywork
     If you are interested, call Carl at the office
at (205) 823-7278 between 8:00 AM and     11:00 AM, Monday through Thursday. At other times, call and leave a message and I will call you back.
  You can also email me at paeco@hiwaay.net.
Lotus cockpit
             Come sit in the cockpit