My, oh my! After selling parts and building engines for 57 years, the amount of miscellaneous stuff that we have accumulated is absolutely amazing! We have oil pans, cam covers, timing covers, front and rear plates, crank sprockets, cam sprockets, front pulleys, and God only knows what else. There are boxes and boxes of it! Call or email us about what you need. You may have to send us a sample part for us to match up. A few samples are listed below.

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              PART TYPE                                   AVAILABILITY    TYPICAL PRICE EACH
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CAM SPROCKETS We have a lot of these, mostly for British cars. You may have to send a sample in for us to match it up, although sometimes we can do a match by counting teeth and measuring the internal diameter.         $15 - $30
CRANK SPROCKETS We have a lot of them, and again, mostly for British cars, and  you may have to send a sample in for matching. However, we may be able to match by counting teeth and measuring the ID of the sprocket.         $15-$30
CYLINDER SLEEVES Most of these are for various Alfa Romeos and Jaguar V-12's. Give us the height and the internal diameter, as we have a bunch to choose from.         $30-$50
FRONT & REAR PLATES We have a few, exclusively for British cars. A pic to go by would be nice, or at least let us know the number of bolt holes in the plate.         $20-$30
FRONT PULLEYS A very few, and  a sample sent in for matching would help. We need to know the internal and external diameters and the number of belt grooves on the pulley.         $20-$40
OIL PANS We have a few, big and dirty for different makes. A pic would be a big help in finding the right one.         $20-$40
ROCKER ARM ASSEMBLYS We have a ton of them, all for British cars. They all have the rocker arm stands, the shafts, and the rocker arms on them. Let us know the length of the shaft for positive identification.         $25-$40
TIMING COVERS A few, mostly for British cars. It would be nice to at least know the number of bolt holes and the diamter of the hole for the crank nose.         $10-$20
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