These are brand new H-Beam chrome-moly rods and titanium wristpins. The pins have been plated with titanium nitride for long life and this gives them a golden appearance. Both the rods ands pins have two advantages --- they are much stronger than the stock components and they offer a tremendous weight savings over the stock parts. This is particularly true of the wristpins, as the rough rule of thumb for them is "half the weight and double the strength" as compared to stock.

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    Austin-Healey 6-cylinder
        (100-6 and 3000)
     Originally, $1,380/set
  Now, only $690 for the set.
AH 3000 rods Only one set is left in stock. The weight savings over the stock 'Healey con rods is tremendous. These straight cut rods are a great improvement over the stock angled rods, both in weight and strength.
            MGB 5-Main
    Originally, $920/set
  Now, only $460 per set
MGB con rods Two sets left in stock. Replaces straight cut rods only. Both lighter and stronger than stock. Cannot be used in MGB 3-main engines.
       Originally $150 per pin
       Now, only $75 per pin
Titanium wristpins Titanium pins come in an assortment of sizes as to both length and diameter, and are sold by size, not by engine application. Measure the length and outside diameter of your stock pins and compare this with the sets listed below. The diameter must be exact, but there is a great deal of leeway in length, particularly with full floating pins.
    WRISTPINS IN STOCK                 PIN DIAMETER                                       PIN LENGTH
                        4                 0.7978" (18 MM)                                             2-1/2"
                        6                      0.750"                                             2-1/4"
              SOLD OUT                  0.787" (20MM)                                             2-1/2"
                        9                     0.812"                                             2-1/2"
                       2                     0.866"                         2" (made for bike use, not car engines)
                       4                     0.875"                          1.8" (made for bike use, not car engines)
                       6                     0.875"                                             2.8"
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