These are all brand new parts, designed to go with our Hi-Lift camshafts, and in our all-out national stage 4 racing engines. However, they work equally well in street engines. Please note that our valve springs are usually somewhat larger than stock springs and should be used only with our PAECO valve spring retainers.

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                 ITEM                                       AVAILABILITY                  PRICE
ALUMINUM RETAINERS We have a good supply of these, for almost all of the popular imports, particularly the British  and European cars. These were $8 each, now only $4 each !!
TITANIUM RETAINERS These are only available in limited quantities. Check with us for your particular application. These were $25 each, now only $12 each.
ALUMINUM PUSHRODS We have a good stock of these, particularly for the British cars. They were $12 each, now only $6 each.
TITANIUM PUSHRODS Available in very limited quantities. Check with us. Were $35 each, now only $17 each.
Hi-RPM VALVE SPRINGS We have a huge amount of these dual spring sets for almost any application. They should only be used with PAECO retainers, as they usually won't fit the stock retainers. Outer springs were $8 each, now only
                 $4 each.

 Inner springs were $4 each, now only
                 $2 each.
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                  Mon-Thurs. 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM CST
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Valve train
SHIPPING: $18 by surface inside the 48 states .......
                         $36 by air in the 50 states.